Is DBHDD planning to increase Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) funding and capacity?

DBHDD has been working to develop projected costs for the rollout of 9-8-8 in Georgia, based on call volume projections from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and Vibrant, as well as knowledge of our current Georgia crisis system costs. Our projected costs include expanding capacity and staffing at our existing Crisis Stabilization Units (CSUs) and Behavioral Health Crisis Centers (BHCCs) as well as building additional CSU and BHCCs. This year, the Georgia Legislature has allocated funds to DBHDD to support the expansion of our crisis system, including funding to expand and enhance CSUs and BHCCs. As 9-8-8 is rolled out, we will continue to partner with our state and federal government partners and stakeholders to consider additional investments needed to continue to expand and enhance our system

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