In the April 2022 projections, DBHDD indicated a need for an additional $283 million. Is the $283 million needed for one year or spread over multiple years?

DBHDD has been working to develop projected costs for the ongoing rollout of 9-8-8 in Georgia, based on call volume projections from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and Vibrant published in Spring 2021, as well as knowledge of our current Georgia crisis system costs. Given the current call volume projections, we estimate the budget needs to for the crisis system to grow from $235 million in annual expenditures by an additional $283 million per year to support additional crisis system capacity, plus approximately $149 million in one-time construction costs. SAMHSA/Vibrant projections continue to evolve, due to several implementation factors, and DBHDD will continue to reassess to best predict budget needs going forward.

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