People are saying Georgia just won’t be ready for the launch of 9-8-8, is that true?

We are trying our best to be ready for the rollout of 9-8-8 and, like all states, we're working hard to meet the Federal timelines. The rollout of 9-1-1 has taken more than 30 years and several billion dollars in State and Federal funding to be fully operational, so it's realistic to project there will be a long and challenging road to long term success for 9-8-8.  

This is a great reason to get started today with this important work to address Georgia's increase in suicide rates and reduce impact on our law enforcement and first responders and meet the growing demand of Georgians who need mental and behavioral health services.

For more information on 9-8-8 you can also check out the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) FAQs:

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